dare to disbelieve

breathe into the dark
and focus on the glowing strands of life
embrace the light
and let it flow
dare to disbelieve in the horror
that stares back at you in the mirror
and shatter it into an infinite
step lightly
and do not let the shards touch the floor
so you might not impale yourself
on the razor veined sand
with the bitter lipped demons whispering
sweet nothings, laced with poison in your ear


the world, on mute

your silence speaks louder than words
and i am nothing but vengeful
today, my gift to you is a taste of your own poison
and tomorrow, the karmic viper will present to me my own silver venom
and on the next day we will pretend
that it is not a web of lies that we are entangled in;
not a razor lipped trap
that we have daftly stumbled into
and that we are truly the perfect duo
free of flaws and as jolly as angels
because darling, you are destroying me
day by taciturn day


she has a universe engraved on her wrist
and stars in her eyes
with her dreams plastered across her figure
she is an infinite expanse
a world unexplored
and she is so much more
than the demons in her mind
and the scars she hides under her sleeves



your blind facade of supposed intrigue 
is so painfully flawed
for what is seen from one side of the mirror
may differ from the true reflection
this crushing fabrication of a jaded identity unseen
please view my haphazard existence with wariness
because what lies above the surface is not equal
to the horrors beneath
and I just can’t see 
how you can call that; me,